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The Science of Successful Interviewing ™

You have the qualifications, You have the experience, but You are not in your dream job and You dread the prospect of the Interview? Whether you are a high ranking corporate individual, a new graduate or a returnee to work, you all have one thing in common: it is the ‘Interview’ which is the gate to your dreams. The interview is your opportunity to shine . It is your opportunity to present you experience and qualifications, express your communication skills and ability to solve problems, and exhibit strong interpersonal skills. What your prospective employer expects at the interview is a confident, engaging, enthusiastic person able to convey clearly why they are the best suited person for the role – Could this be you? With the right interview skills and preparation, You will be in control of your interview and shape a future that you want. Prepare to impress – @Interview helps you prepare for interview allowing you to be comfortable, yet energised as you meet your interviewer. Book your Interview Training now and get that job with your name on it